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We are musing dancers and express our messages through dance - to open hearts and minds.
— Gerdi & Dani


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When we change within,
we change the world around us.
Let’s be mindful with ourselves and others.
Let’s connect and laugh.
— Gerdi

In this world we are all in the dance.
Let’s make it the most lively one.
Let’s dance it together.
— Dani

Gerdi and Dani got to know each other while dancing in Berlin at the Moon Club. They felt that dance teaches us more than techniques and beautiful movements. Dance teaches us a lot about being (a) human. They noticed that many dancers have a lot to say. Their language ist not expressed by words but through movement. In a world full of inhumanity we need to learn what the dance of life wants to teach us. With open hearts and open minds. With MUSING DANCERS they created a platform for dancers all over the world to share their messages through videos. The goal is not perfection but to express our true essence - our true self. To open hearts and to open minds.

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